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»  Are the people real?
»  How many women/men should I e-mail to get a response?
»  How do I get started?
»  e-mail writing tips or helpful hints?
»  When & Where are your speed dating events?

Are the people real?
Although we can make no guarantees, we strongly urge men and women who are serious about finding a life partner to be honest about who they are. We hope that all men and women on this site are honest and actively trying to find a partner for marriage. Profiles that are fake or implanted by viral server host bots are deleted by website administration. Federal and International law prohibits spammers from mass emailing encrypted messages and profiles. Those that are caught will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
How many women/men should I e-mail to get a response?
You can e-mail as many as you would like and if you are a member it will cost you nothing. Based on experience we can say that if you write to only one or two persons you are limiting your chances. Also include a good photo of yourself.
How do I get started?
Use the search page to find a potential partner or let us find HIM/HER for you.
e-mail writing tips or helpful hints?
Here are a few things that have worked very well for people and they may help you. First letter should be informative yet interesting.
The Do NOT's:
-I never mentioned dislikes. Never have anything negative in your emails. Its a sure turn off. Always be positive and optimistic about life.
-Be energetic and enthusiastic about life and about meeting that perfect someone to share your life with.
-Be kind and courteous at all times. Be respectful.
-Always write (on your first e-mail letter at least) with great curiosity about the person and their life and interest. Make the e-mail equally informative about you as you are requesting information about the other person. Keep things equal.
- For men, women generally want to know you have interest in the whole "package".
-The last and most important thing is to just be yourself. Write what you feel and try to avoid the Do Not's. Keep things real and in perspective. For men in particular, women want a man who is realistic. women demand trust so do not break trust with them early on. Be honest be yourself and most of all be a gentleman.
When & Where are your speed dating events?
Currently "Meet My Match Now Speed Dating & Spoken Word" events held at: 1. The M BAR (Downtown Atlanta) 257 Peter St. Atl. 30301(next to Slice & Tapas Lounge) Every Thursday!! Tell all your friends to meet you there! 7pm –until. Only $5 to speed date! 2. The Pearl Bistro & Lounge (Greenbriar Mall) 2841 Greenbriar Pkwy. Every Wednesday!! Come Early 7pm – 9pm for Speed Dating & Spoken Word. Stay for comedy presented by Atlanta House of Comedy.Com. Late night session of speed dating after comedy, only $5! 3. Q's House of Poetry 3200 Devilla Trace Atlanta, GA. 30349 ~ Every 3rd Monday of the month. $5 Admission, you get Speed Dating & games, a swimming pool (in summer), Free finger foods, open bar, “grown folk discussion session” and some of the best Spoken Word Artists in Atlanta. All events generally start at 7pm eastern standard time. Stay tuned for future events coming soon to Barley’s, Taboo2, Echelon 3000, Kat’s Café, and a venue near you already in Atlanta and coming to N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Alabama & Florida!