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zee agoro
Personality Characteristics:  
What are your 3 greatest personality attributes?
personality, generous, style
Your Character
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Personality I
Laid back Excited/Hyped/Excitable
Sad/gloomy Happy/cheerful
Calm Moody
Pessimistic Optimistic
Quiet Talkative
Introvert Extrovert
Serious Fun/Sense of Human
Inflexible/Rigid Flexible/Open
Traditional UnconventionalNon-Conformist
Simple Complex
Easy going Intense
Conservative Adventurous
Reserved Outgoing
Detailed oriented Big picture oriented
Realistic Idealistic
Few Interests Lots of Interests
Restrained Impulsive
Don’t Want to be Bothered Love Interaction
Personality II
Not at all Somewhat Very
Sensitive to others
Sense of Humor
Personality III
Disorganized Perfectionists
Not Picky Picky
Not time conscious Time Conscious
Loner Interactive
Rather someone else lead Like to take the lead
Do not need to be in control Need to be in control
Shy Outspoken/Opinionated
Conciliatory Antagonistic
Calm Easy Angered
Under Achiever Over Achiever
Need Plans Spontaneous
Easy to get a Long with Hard to get a long with
Feminine Masculine
Indecisive Decisive
Accepting Critical
Feelings Easily Hurt Tough Skinned
Affection/Emotional Needs
Like time for self Like to spend a lot of time with partner
Emotionally distance Emotionally close
Unaffectionate Affectionate
Pursue Activities Alone Pursue activities together
Do not need to be with partner all time Need to be with partner all the time
Secure Insecure
Trusting Untrusting
Not Jealous Jealous
Leisure Time
Alone With Partner Family Friends
Watching Movies at home
Watching Sports
Spending time with friends/family
Entertainment at home
Entertainment away from home
Pursue hobby/interests
Listening to favorite music